Steven Baugh, Founder

Steven Baugh is the Founder, Director, and Grand Master of the Lohan School.
He is also the Founder, Buddhist Priest, Abbot, and Dashi of the Lohan Temple.

"I am a Native American Indian, and I have studied the ancient arts of the Shaolin lineage for over 35 years, because I feel the bond between my people and their’s. I have been told by the Masters that I was once a Shaolin warrior in ancient China, and am destined in this lifetime to continue that which has been left unfinished during my past lifetime in China. As a spiritual descendant of Shaolin, my mission is to return our founding temple back to the greatness that it once enjoyed and deserved, with admirable respect from all peoples in the world. My vision is to have a temple that is self-sustaining and encompassing all concepts and traditions of the original Shaolin temple. A place where one can find peace, solitude, and companionship. A place where one can find help to get healed physically or spiritually. Where one can learn about herbs, medicine, or acupuncture. Where one can meditate, practice Chi Gung, or just work out. A place where someone can train to be one of the great teachers of the next century. With my core students, I know we can achieve this dream." ~ Founder, Steven Baugh ~
(Click here to read more about Steven Baugh (Dashi) and how his vision resulted in the current Lohan School of Shaolin and Temple.)

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