2017 World Tai Chi Day


Once again the annual World Tai Chi/Chi Kung Day was held at the Del Mar Gardens in Las Vegas on April 29th with Dashi Steven Baugh, Grand Master of the Lohan School of Shaolin officiating the event, and opening with the Lohan Lions bringing the blessings before the 10am global starting time. This year, he included Chi Kung exercises with Dr. Kat Reyes conducting, which was a new and pleasant experience for everyone. The purpose of this event is to bring a wave of peace globally by having different groups around the world perform Tai Chi at 10am in their respective Time Zones. It begins in China and the Asian Pacific countries and moves on throughout the European continents, and then onto the North and South American continents and finally ending up in Hawaii. It has become a successful tradition that brings a gathering of all peoples and schools together and an awareness of the importance of world peace and harmony.

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