Little Lohans


I want to say thanks to the parents for encouraging your child’s interest in the martial arts. Numerous studies have shown it greatly affects children’s character and development for their future. Increased focus and concentration plays a big role in their growth. It provides a positive release of aggression, self-discipline and confidence, respect, fitness and self-defense. It also gives kids a chance to be part of a large group building social skills. Even though I have been teaching at the Lohan School for ten years, taking over the kids’ classes within the past few years has been a great building process for me. I want to give them the excitement of learning a classical Kung Fu system while still incorporating self defense needs and exposing them gradually to the training regiment they will experience when they move on to the basic Shaolin class. What I enjoy about teaching the very young is cultivating their motor skills through martial arts application. Making it like a “play” tactic or a game makes it fun so they want to learn. Because of the diverse and often fickle nature of children, I am constantly thinking of ways to revamp my teaching procedures. I can see what works and what doesn’t work, yet I still keep it within the realm of Shaolin Kung Fu. It is greatly satisfying and rewarding when I see them learning to control their bodies by accomplishing new talents and attributes. I hope parents will continue to encourage their child’s training. If they see that they are interested in learning more and they definitely have their mind set to it, the basic class would be the next step. I would also like to see more participation in lion dancing and demonstrations as the little ones always “steal” the show. ~ By Sifu Raul Baugh~ 

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