Chinese Lion Dance

The Lohan School's colorful Lions, happy Buddhas, and golden Dragon appear at special events all year round in Las Vegas, and especially during the Chinese New Year in February and the Asian Cultural Month in May, bringing good fortune and blessings to all. Our Chinese Lion dancers are martial art students of the Lohan School, and they practice and train hard in Kung Fu to master the Chinese Lion Dance skill as one of the disciplines of becoming an advanced martial artist.

This year, the Lohan School of Shaolin celebrated 2017, Chinese New Year of the Rooster by performing traditional Lion Dances for over 30 establishments in 12 days throughout Las Vegas.

Traditionally, if a school has a capable troupe with many Lions, it demonstrates the success of the school, and the good fortune it brings to blessing events. The Lohan School can provide from 2 to 7 lions for your event. For more than 20 years, the Lohan School has performed the Chinese Lion Dance at events in the Las Vegas community, which include:

  • Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos
  • Clark County and City Schools
  • Clark County and City Libraries
  • Clark County and City Council events
  • Community Charity events
  • Parks/Recreations Festivals
  • Major Corporate events
  • Private Parties, Weddings and Celebrations

The Lohan School Lion Dance performances are a way to raise funds that keep our school functioning and allow tuition at an affordable cost for students who want to study but have limited means with which to pay for classes. None of the students get paid for their hard earned performances. All the work of the Lion Dancers, Musicians, and Martial Arts demonstrations of the Lohan School are done on a volunteer basis.


~ This video was filmed in 2012, Year of Dragon, at the Las Vegas Venetian and Palazzo Hotel & Casino with Lohan School Lions and Dragon. ~


Bless Your Special Event


To enroll in any of the Lohan School classes, or become a member with unlimited access to all classes, or to book a Lion Dance for your event:

Phone: 702-364-5875

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